A step-by-step approach to persuasive copy.

After going through this copywriting training:

   You'll have a clear understanding of persuasion and how each pillar applies to your process.

   You'll know how to identify weak or missing elements in your copy — and how to fix them.

   You'll see new ways to get creative with your writing voice, while still focusing on results.

I don't just give you my formulas and say “good luck.”

In this training, I explain the reasoning behind each element, so you can think creatively about how it all applies to your situation.

Some new perspective never hurts, right?

A good framework lets you enjoy the writing process.

It gives you the freedom to write how you like to write while still being persuasive and driving action.

If you want to learn the copywriting framework that I use for almost every project...this is it.

Here's what's inside:

   5 video lessons (60 min total)

   My 3-part copy critique process

   A PDF overview of the framework for easy reference