"Am I being too forward?"

"Not forward enough?"

"Is my reader ready to hear this?" 

"Does this come off condescending?"

Forget all that.


Sales copy will never be easy.

You'll never be able to skip some of those difficult moments where there are no clear right or wrong answers.


You definitely can (and should) stay away from questions that make you shy away from selling.

Not only do they slow you down, they make a lot of well-meaning copywriters, creatives, and business owners feel an urge hold back.  To play it safe.

Usually a little too safe.

Better questions, better copy.

Even if you don't have tons of writing or sales experience, there's one question to ask that will move you forward much faster:

"Do I have my reader's trust?"

Because when you lead with trust, it won't really even feel like you're selling.

And to be honest — you can worry less about choosing the "best" word or phrasing.

Because when you're writing to build trust, you become a guide offering an opportunity for change. The tiny details won't matter as much.

And just like that writing sales copy becomes, well...a bit nicer.

When it's time to take action, your reader won't be offended or taken by surprise.  They'll be ready.

That's where this course will take you.

What you'll get from this course:

This course details my top persuasion strategies for the 3 elements of trust-building sales copy: Interest, desire, and conviction.

For each chapter, you'll get a lesson (video), a strategy overview (text), and a wrap-up (video).

Chapter 1: Interest

How to Emphasize Problems

Here you'll learn how to acknowledge your prospect's problems and add urgency...without fear tactics.

You'll also learn how to organize these ideas within your copy.

Chapter 2: Desire

How to Open up your Prospect

Once you've built up the problems, you've got to get your reader into an action-taking mindset.

In this section, you'll learn how to make your reader less defensive and more confident. 

Once they are open and see the opportunity for change, you can introduce your solution with...

Chapter 3: Conviction

How to Remove Doubt

In the last section you'll learn how to acknowledge and overcome hesitations.

You'll learn how to help your reader imagine life as your client or customer.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from your instructor
    • "Your Role as the Copywriter"
  • 2
    Ch. 1 - Interest
    • Lesson - "How to Emphasize Problems"
    • Strategy Overview
    • Wrap up - "Setting the Foundation"
  • 3
    Ch. 2 - Desire
    • Lesson - "How to Open up your Prospect"
    • Strategy Overview
    • Wrap up - "The Ideal Solution"
  • 4
    Ch. 3 - Conviction
    • Lesson - "How to Remove Doubt"
    • Strategy Overview
    • Wrap up - "The Road to Persuasion"
  • 5
    Next Steps...
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • "One last piece of advice"

I made this course simple and affordable so anyone can get a better grasp of sales copy.

This is not any sort of template or fill-in-the-blank sales copy solution.

This course is designed to refresh your perspective on sales copy.

No bells & whistles. No scripts or insaneeee bonuses.

You will only find value in this course if you know (or are willing to know) your audience very closely.

So if you want a simple, straight-forward way to start writing better sales copy, set aside an hour, click below, and let's get to it.

Your Instructor:

  • Tyler Koenig

    Copywriter | Persuasion Strategist

    Tyler Koenig

    Previously a strategist for Agora Publishing, Tyler teaches persuasive copywriting to writers, marketers, and business owners around the world.